Monday, April 5, 2010

The Morning After

The truth is, I have about a dozen posts (sorry Dad, I'm way behind) but in the interest of continuity I am going to post a follow-up to the last one where I was listening to the storm howling outside. I got up at 4:30 and went outside to see what wonders Mother Nature had wrought in my yard . . . . you can see she was VERY creative . . .

Marvel at the five foot drifts (the tiny bit of wood showing is the corner of a four foot tall plywood box). Now let your eyes wander to the notch above and to the left of the plywood box. This is where some idiot stashed the snowblower to keep it "protected from the weather". That notch is the path I have been shoveling to eventually get to my shed. Picture the snowblower about 8 feet inside the path - now filled in to the top - and pointing the wrong way. Lots and lots of shoveling to be done before I could even think about using the snowblower . . . lots of time for the idiot to ponder the error of his ways . . . .

Well, eventually I got the snowblower shoveled out and I could start in on the driveway, 100 feet long and similarly drifted in. Ironically, I had it all cleared by 6:30 but still couldn't get to work because the city hadn't done the road yet. The city snow removal guys are heroes in my book, but I am at the very end of the road and they have the whole island to cover. They do an amazing job in an extreme environment!

Okay, on to more posts. Sorry, I can't cram them all together, they are all little visual poems that deserve their own space. I'm not sure if they will be in order though!

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