Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Thanks and the Big Picture

Big thanks to today's donors, co-worker and friend Cindy from our Seattle office and dear friend Jane. I'll post more about Jane tomorrow - her grand daughter Emery is my inspiration for having my head shaved this year. Thank you ladies for your generosity!

Standing in my driveway and looking south gives me a stunning view of the valley that I never tire of, and there is always something going on if you watch long enough. Ptarmigan are a favorite to watch, and there is usually an animal hidden in plain sight somewhere in every frame (can you spot the fox below in the photo above?)

After extending the telephoto lens as far as it would go, I whistled for the napping fox located at the mid-right of the frame in the top photo. After a quick glance, he went right back to sleep. Which view of life do YOU enjoy more - the big picture, or the details?

Some donors are mailing checks in to St. Baldrick's, and that is wonderful, but remember - I have to know about your donation in order for you to be entered to win the box of crab. If the event is getting near and you don't see your name on my donor list, then email me and let me know the details so I can get your name entered, one entry for every $10 donated. To make a donation, my donor page is here or follow the link on my sidebar - thanks for everyone's support! I am currently in the lead for donations of the 16 shavees signed up for the event, and that is all due to your generosity - thanks so much!


bea's blog said...

I always enjoy your pix, no matter if they are near or far...
your foxy neighbour is really a pretty animal!
Have a lovely weekend,
Beatrice from Europe

Margrita said...

So glad your in the lead. I love your pictures of the fox very nice. They kind of bring many things in focus look at the big picture not all the little things.

gpc said...

yikes, didn't think about the check thing -- I sent in a check for $30 (gail crachiola) I definitely want to be in the drawing - Thanks!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I like the close-up of Mr Fox!!


Lori said...

I love the close-up of Mr. Fox and this one is a definite condidate for the 2011 calendar.