Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Big Thank You to the Latest Donors!

42 folks have made donations "on my head" to St. Baldricks' Foundation totaling over $2300! Along with my fellow firemen, EMT's, police officers and members of the community, our event just passed the $10,000 mark this evening - you guys are heroes! We have, I believe, a total of 22 people shaving their heads - including four women!

There is still a couple more days to donate - my page is here to make a donation towards a great charity and get entered to win that box of crab, but you can't go wrong donating to any of the shavees, they are an amazing bunch. Several of us now are sporting some very unconventional hairdos so the island has a little extra color for a few more days.

I want to thank the latest group of donors - Joe, Nancy & Frank, my college buddy Rick, Nebraska Outback, John ("Ski"), Kirsten & Eric, Rich & Consuelo (big thanks to a big-hearted guy), and finally my sis Debra who made the donation that pushed our event over the 10K mark. You guys are fantastic!

I'm really wanting to hit my goal of 3K, and with checks I know are in the mail to St. Baldricks I'm still about $600 shy so if there is anyone out there on the fence, now is the time to go on-line and make that $10 or $20 donation to a great charity so I can have your name in the bucket for Saturday's drawing for that box of crab!

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