Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Update

Just checking in - there are definitely not enough hours in the day this week as I am still working and spending as much time as possible with my brother in the evenings.  I'll be off next week - just hope we get some nice weather to play!

We went out fishing yesterday and along with catching rockfish we also did some sightseeing - we saw whales, dolphins and puffins.

We briefly tried jigging for halibut alongside Ballyhoo.

The wreck of the Northwestern at the head of Captain's Bay.

Today was the bike and foot race over the pass - Forrest was way ahead and still smiling as he disappeared into the mist of the pass.

Here is a happy camper - I believe she finished 4th overall.  She still had enough wind to chat when she passed me, parked near the turnout for the Ugadaga Pass Trail.

Now sure why but F/V Maverick has been cruising around.  I saw them in Captain's Bay yesterday and today they passed by in the East Channel in this view from the living room.


la isla d'lisa said...

Glad you're having such a great time with your brother!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Glad you and your brother are having fun! I've gotten so behind on both reading and writing in the blogoshpere. The fishing looks like such a lovely time. I haven't been fishing in so long. Enjoy it Steve.

Oh, also, I see on the side of your page that you read The Screwtape Letters...if you liked it, may I recommend Lord Foulgrin's Letters. It's based off of them by an author named Randy Alcorn...I quite enjoyed it. Cheers Steve!

Lori said...

Hey Steve - the wreck of the NW? Unfortunately, I can't see the picture or most of the pictures. I don't know what's wrong with my computer, but this has been going on for weeks. If you have a suggestion, email me please. I so miss viewing all your pics! Sorry I haven't been around........I hope you have terrific weather this weekend and you and your bro have a great time together! Is this his first trip to AK?

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are having a good time! Uncle Steve, make sure Dad is getting some pictures of the beutiful scenery.

TwoYaks said...

Great pictures as always, Steve. Hope the weather is good for the next week.

You know the story behind the Northwestern wreck? Somehow, I'd never heard of it...

Lori said...

Finally, got to see the "famous" wreck of the NW (figured out what was wrong) - anyway, yes, please tell us the story. I'm interested too!