Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Grab Bag - Ballyhoo, Wine Tasting and Wii

View from Ballyhoo.  Clouds were drifting in and out so the visibility varied quite a bit from one moment to the next.

I stopped by the first rock outcropping, maybe 90 percent of the way to the top.  The top stayed completely clouded in the whole time, so I knew there would be nothing to see up there; I didn't have crampons with me and the footing gets sketchy closer to the top on the rocky portions; and I was needing to get back home to make the "what time should I start worrying" time limit I gave Goldfish when I walked out the door.
View towards Hog Island from Ballyhoo.
View from the Living Room Window - the ferry Tustamena departing after spending the day in port.  Lots of folks from Akutan use that one day turnaround for a way to shop in Unalaska.
CB and CD were the first station inside the door, and a great way to kick off the Annual Convention and Visitor Bureau Wine Tasting in the Margaret Bay Cafe at the Grand Aleutian.  There were a total of 7 wine and food pairings and a cheese table (from which, of course, I strategically located our party of five just steps away).
Jed demonstrating his Double Tripple Belgian Ski Jumping technique.

I'm sorry I haven't posted since Wednesday, the week has been busy - I think the between season breaks can sometimes be more frantic than when we work every day for months on end.  The weather has been strange with Spring seemingly just around the corner but never quite arriving.  I was getting restless from too much time inside, and needed more than the daily dog walk so I headed up Ballyhoo on Friday evening and worked up a good sweat.  Last night was the annual wine tasting at the Grand and it was nice to see so many friendly faces together in one place - especially nice to see fellow bloggers CB, CD, Gigi and yes, even the elusive Dan Young.

Tonight is Book Club, and speaking of which, I have some reading to do!  Cheers!


Suzassippi said...

First picture I have ever seen of the view from Ballyhoo. You will have to do it again when it gets clear--though I could make out a few things I know.

Carlisleboy said...

Good to see you too!! Although maybe not for long as when you and Dan met it may have triggered the end of the world...........LOL

Alaska Steve said...

I love your post this morning CB - I hope you're wrong, but it certainly seemed like Dan was pretty alarmed by the situation as well!

Lauri said...

Great pics and post as usual, Steve :) Thanks!

Lori said...

Miss your postings, but knew you'd be back soon! I truly enjoy hearing about all that you guys do up there. Glad to hear about your hike up Ballyhoo! I love the view towards Hog Island. Care to share anymore of the "end of the world" saga?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man, BEAUTIFUL cloud shot! You listening to tunes as you're hiking?


Steve said...

BZ, yeah, I have a set of headphones that my little ipod shuffle clips into - ear buds don't work well for me, for whatever reason.

Bren said...

got the package, now what?
love ya