Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Escaping the Jaws of Winter

Just when it appeared the icicles were going to eat our apartment the weather warmed up to the mid-40's and the rain started, knocking back a good bit of the snow and leaving us safe for another day.  It is supposed to cool off again tomorrow with increasing winds.

I watched a kayak in the East Channel after work this evening, paddling among the sea lions and birds.   A crew member off a crab boat refused my offer of forklifting their considerable build up of mail and freight to the boat this afternoon, happy in the simple pleasure of carrying heavy things, comfortable in his own skin and not looking for the easy way out of everything.  I walked out the door with Chico tonight for our pre-bed walk and glanced up at the light pole for the eagle that almost always is sitting there, sometimes with company, always glancing down at me.  Simple pleasures noted with satisfaction . . . . what sort of things made you smile today? 


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

A sense of accomplishment? Sweeping the deck which, earlier, had been absolutely thick with dropped pine needles.

And whilst the east is getting hit with very cold weather, it's only 40-degrees right now with a light breeze.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

BTW, I hope no one is near that thing when it comes crashing down -- it looks like a row of terrible teeth from a SF movie creature.


Lori said...

Your post made me smile today. That's it - always get my fill of satisfaction from you and CB! Two entirely different satisfactions, that is - LOL! I can only imagine (and probably give a good guess)
"who" the crew member is and may PM you, if and when I get on to the forum (you won't tell me anyway - I know you're reply already). I did get your PM and replied - hope you got it. Thank you for thinking of me. Wish I could say it was in the 40's - today in the 50's, but should be in the 30's by Friday. I'm praying to the weather Gods!

Loveanewidea said...

OMG - I can't believe how the icicles are frozen. Great pic!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Those icicles are amazing! I've never seen any curve like that. My best friend and I got together to work out...we can barely make it through a routine together due to the conversation and laughter.-Smiles for sure.

Fizz Wood. said...

Fantastic icicles Steve!

things that made me smile today,
- watching a fishing boat out at sea,
- watching my dog monty get blown of a walkway on the beach (not getting injured)
- seeing my dad for fish and chips on the beach! good times.

Suzassippi said...

Things that made me smile: Giving 3 small children a ride to school; giving a woman who walks one hour to be at work by 7 am a ride home after she has been on her feet all day; cooking dinner with two of my new friends in Belize; sitting on the patio and listening to it rain on the coconut fronds; the fact that I am going home to Mississippi tomorrow!

Carlisleboy said...

The fact that the headache that I got Last night seems to be going away.
On another topic, Everytime you post something about you and Goldfish going on a little snowshoe trek the weather warms up overnight and the snow goes Bye-Bye.
So, If you really want to do it I would suggest not temping the universe next time with palns..........

mamawas said...
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mamawas said...

Western Colorado (Grand Junction) has been below freezing since before our Christmas break began.. look for warmth in Dutch Harbor Blogs

thanks Steve for your poetic blog today

Mj in Md said...

1st I wanted to comment on those wicked icicles...I'm assuming the wind blew them that way? NEVER seen such a site.
2nd your moon shot....I have been Loving the full moon in our clear skys. So fun trying to take it in over Baltimore as I'm driving up I95 from work.

What made me smile today:
-our 3 mile long town, dusting of snow on only the first half. Love finding the rain/snow line.
-GORGEOUS sunrise. Just brilliant.
-coming home to my 7 yr olds smile.
-actually laughing at my jitters over the Ravens STeelers game this weekend. :-D GO RAVENS!!
-as per usual....your site.
Thanks for the great shots/thoughts...again!

purrduedvm said...

What made me smile today:
-getting all my call backs done
-feeling good in my own skin today -ie, KNOWING that if "they" can do it, so can I
-seeing a coworker/friend after a car accident yesterday (relief!!)
-knowing i'm a month away from going to Vegas and CA

Alaska Steve said...

All great things to smile at - thanks for everyone's input and cheers! Steve