Tuesday, October 14, 2008

View From The Living Room

Okay, these are not the best pictures but they are from today and with 12 hours of work then 4 hours of class you guys can't be picky!

I took the top photo when I was quickly changing my clothes and heading to class. It is always amazing to watch the tug boats spin those huge container ships and get them docked by the APL crane. For those that haven't seen container ships, all those little boxes are full sized truck trailers towed by 18 wheelers when not on a boat. To see these boats being maneuvered right in front of our place is always a treat. Even though it seems they are too close to shore they are in about 80 feet of water where they are at, the average depth for most of Illiuliuk Bay.

The bottom two photos Goldfish took this evening while I was in class. They are a big rough due to the sun and rain on the dirty window (but I assured her it would be better to post them than not, so be nice!) but what was going on was the Time Bandit and the Northwestern were making runs through the East Channel while a Discovery Channel helicopter was shooting footage. It's actually pretty cool, I saw it last year with the North American. The helicopter flies really low and close - I'll maybe watch the season premiere and see if they got any shots of the house.

King crab season opens tomorrow at noon, let the games begin!


Kathy said...

Thanks so much for posting your pictures of the ships, Steve (and thank Goldfish too!) There are quite a few of us on the Northwestern forum who've been trying to catch a glimpse of her on the weather cams from Dutch Harbor, but hadn't had a confirmed siting until now.

I've been going back through your blog backwards over the last couple days. Love your pictures! Please keep sharing them. It's great having a chance to see a place most of us will never get a chance to visit.


Lori said...

Steve - thank Goldfish for me and all the NW forum members too! Great pictures at any glimpse of the NW! Hope the weather is good for the start of King crab season. May it be a good one for all!

Jenny said...

Thanks ever so much to you and Goldfish for posting pictures like that! Like Kathy said it's nice to see pictures from a place that many of us from the NW forum want to visit but probably never will. Your pictures is a really nice "consolation prize"!! Beautilful pics!!
And you can tell Goldfish that dirty windows doesn't bother us as long as we can see NW or some of the other boats! :)
Greeting from a fellow photographer from Sweden

Lothian said...

Okay, I have to show the Time Bandit some love too! Thanks for the great shots. I wish all the fishermen save travels and full pots!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Dutch Harbor cams are a bit hard to make out at times. Good to see the boys are all geared up and ready to fish. Keep the postings coming - and no worries on the photography. Oh and on that note, I happen to love the bike - so keep parking it in the pics whenever you want!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thanks for the photos, Steve!

BTW, I turned my wife on to your blog, she likes to visit just to get away from her Lower 48 work grind; she enjoys the writing and very much likes the photography!


Trblcmn said...

Once again Steve, you have some awesome pictures. Thank so much for taking the time and sharing them! Nice to see the Deadliest Catch boats too!