Saturday, August 9, 2008

How 'bout Those Olympics?

I missed half the opening ceremonies because I took a motorcycle ride out to Morris Cove and walked on the beach. Tonight, I missed the first hour of coverage because I was in the spare bedroom installing bike computers on our bikes, but gradually I'm starting to get sucked in and have a feeling I'll be parked in front of the dreaded boob tube more than my usual couple hours a week, at least for the next couple weeks.

Goldfish is a huge Olympics fan - crazy, rabid, off her rocker-type fan (sorry sweetheart, but can you deny it??) so if I'm going to see her while the flame is lit, I'd better start getting familiar with the athletes and events . . . .

A third volcano is erupting out here and there is a fresh crop of pumice washing ashore, some of it right in front of the house. Tonight Chico and I went for a nice long beach walk before bedtime, he is on the couch now sighing dramatically because I haven't turned in . . . . cheers, sorry I haven't posted as much and am behind on comments and reading blogs - it's the Olympics!


Lothian said...

A bike computer? What the heck is that?

Lori said...

Have you heard of TIVO Steve? It's a great way to minimize the toob time. HA! We're addicted to the Olympics too! My daughter's a swimmer, so we're trying to catch all the swimming evemts. Unfortunately, swimming tends to be on late, so that's why we TIVO.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I've been meaning to ask: what kind of motorcycle do you have?


Alaska Steve said...

Lothian - you know, those wireless things that give you your speed and distance and save your workouts. You mount the sensor on the wheel and the rest on the handlebar.

Lori, I know about TIVO but normally don't care about saving anything on TV to watch later, and I watch so little TV, the commercials are actually just as entertaining for me. Our time zone is perfect for these olympics, 4 hours different from the east coast, we watch everything live right in primetime.

BZ, I currently have a Kawasaki KLR 650, a poor man's BMW. It is one of a very short list of bikes they recommend for making the top of Alaska to the tip of South America ride on, something I'm going to do in a few years. One cylinder, liquid cooled, the perfect island bike. Do you ride?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AHA! Gotcha! Actually, they're an excellent bike! One aspect of my job is motors. We train law enforcement motor officers in both the Basic Motor Course (we have a fleet of BMW 1150 trainers) and the Instructor Course. Our other fleet consists of BMW R1200 RTP motors, fully equipped. So the bottom line is, yes, I ride. And drive. I'm the supervisor for our entire EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) program, which includes both police pursuit vehicles and motorcycles.