Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Harvest Continues

The salmon berries are fading but the blueberries are coming on strong! Goldfish's Mom has been a regular in the berry patches this past week and is hauling her hard earned booty back to the mainland tomorrow, all vacuum packed and frozen. It was great having her visit and we hope she comes back soon!


Bren said...

I hope she enjoyed her visit as much as I did. It looks like she has a great haul.

Love ya

Lothian said...

Yummy. Are you going to make some jam with those berries?

Alaska Steve said...

Lothian, Goldfish and Mom did make jam, it came out awesome. We're taking a day or two off from picking and then we'll be right back out there again!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I didn't do near the berry picking this summer. It was insane. I'm so jealous.
I still want to catch the last of the tomato season and make some salsa.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

With the berries like that, do you find yourself running across the occasional bear or three?