Friday, August 29, 2008

Congratulations to Alex and Crew!

For those of you that haven't been following their blog , Alex, Kimbra and Corrie have successfully sailed over the Northwest Passage and are now poised by the South tip of Greenland in preparation for crossing the North Atlantic to England. They are only the 26th small boat to ever complete this passage and they have had big adventures since that evening in June when they were in our living room! They are three of the most unassuming, friendly and competent folks I've had the pleasure of meeting and Goldfish and I wish them safe passage on the final leg of their journey.

For all adventurers, armchair and otherwise, I'd urge you to consider contributing to the Berri's voyage here - Alex is entirely self-funded, he is definitely not a corporate type. I'd consider it a personal favor if you did, as Goldfish and I have, and consider it well spent. For any that haven't, take some time and catch up on their blog as they had a front row seat this summer to one of the most gripping stories on Earth - the melting of the polar ice caps - complete with swimming polar bears far from shore.

The video is of the Berrimilla leaving the Small Boat Harbor in Dutch Harbor, the morning of June 29, 2008. Picture this 33 foot sailboat sailing from Australia to Dutch Harbor, then over North America to Greenland, and now on to England - how did YOU spend your summer vacation???

Cheers, Steve


Anonymous said...

Finally! Proof that they're not hanging out in a bus stop with buckets of salt water thrown over! :) Berri's such a beautifully graceful bird. I'm glad you got this footage. Thanks for posting it! - Carla

Alaska Steve said...

Carla, she is a beautiful craft - I just can't help imagining her in that great big 'ol ocean though, no matter how competent a hand on the tiller . . . I have one more short film clip I will send you as well.

Isabella said...

Thanks from England for this DH footage, from Alex's sister and brother-in-law. It's hard to imagine what they have achieved without images and maps and the experiences of bystanders to fill out their blogs. The contribution from friends they've met along the way - like you - is immeasurable. We're looking forward to the welcome party now and I'll send you some pictures! Still enjoying your own blog and we look in regularly. Isabella and Graham