Thursday, July 10, 2008

Squeezing Clouds Through a Keyhole

It was a gorgeous evening tonight and I headed out for a ride over the pass after work as Goldfish was walking Chico. I stopped for awhile and watched clouds being funneled in by the wind from the Summer Bay side, speeding up as they shot through the pass and emerging on the town side. You could almost imagine the clouds shaking themselves off like a cat emerging from an unexpected dunking. I understood the physics of it, the venturi effect, pressure vs. volume, etc . . . but this afternoon I was content to just sit and watch. At the summit of the pass I found all the plants heavy with dew, the clouds having left little pieces behind, evidence of a violent forced passage on their way to the North Pacific from the Bering Sea.


Kym said...

This photo deserves a place in the calendar!

Mom said...

I agree Kym. His photographic eye is amazing.