Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Litttle Bishop Rock

We've been getting some perfect weather out here lately, 60 degrees and almost cloud free. This was taken yesterday when I rode over the pass at lunch time; seeing Little Biship Rock is easy as it is right beside the road. When you hear a boat talking about Bishop Rock, they are talking about the BIG Bishop Rock and to get a good view of that you need to go up Ballyhoo to the area behind the cloud in this picture. Look all the way to the left, use binoculars if you have to, all the way to where the land ends and the sea goes on seemingly forever. There is the big brother to this one; both get their name from resembling a Bishop in full regalia - think of the bishop in a fancy chess set - when viewed from the right angle.

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Mystic said...

What a breathtaking picture! Thank you for sharing this with us!