Saturday, June 28, 2008

Safe Travels Berrimilla

Alex, Corrie and Kimbra are leaving at first light tommorow on the next leg of their big adventure with the next port of call for the Berrimilla being Nome on the way to their sail across the Northwest Passage and on to England. Goldfish, Chico and I will be snapping photos as they make their way through the East Channel and head out to sea.

I hope they realize that what they left behind in Dutch Harbor - in the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to meet them - far, far outweighs any assistance they received. What a class act they are, and what fun it is to slowly discover the back story on their journey through life to this point. Alex rolling the Berri last year, Corrie generally excelling in everything and Kimbra sewing shorts (??) for an Aussie boat crew - ahhh yes, the wonders of Google. Their quiet confidence has its roots in a life of adventure and it is the most important tool in their considerable toolbox.

Safe journey mates and stay in touch! Remember Alex, not until England!

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