Sunday, June 29, 2008

On Their Way . . .

I took a bunch of photos of the Berrimilla this morning when they departed Dutch Harbor for Nome but this is my favorite - they are passing through the channel markers on the East Channel. This is my favorite view because this is what we see from our living room - I noticed Alex was drawn to the same window when he visited, watching the channel. Over the years there have been some amazing sights passing through the channel - submarines for instance - but it will take a bit to beat the sight of the Berri!


Isabella said...

Thanks for pictures of Alex etc. One of my great life memories was watching an orange dot growing larger and larger, turning into Berri arriving Falmouth, last stop Falklands. Amazing. May I use this picture of Berri leaving, on my website? With a link to yours? Best wishes from UK, and Alex's sister Isabella

AlaskaSteve said...

Isabella - your fabrics are amazing! You may absolutely use any photo of mine for any purpose - I sent along some others to David Speed and can send them to you as well if you'd like.

I sure enjoyed your brother - he and I are alike in some ways. We're all watching their progress closely and they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Cheers - Steve

Lothian said...

I wish I was going with them!! *sending well wishes their way*

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve. I enjoy your website too - and have it bookmarked now. We so agreed with and enjoyed your Thoreau quote with the eagle photo - it's very much what I teach when trying to help students to draw. People get so tied up with "correctness" of images and photographic reality, and not what they experience or feel in the journey of recording and observing. Don't start me off on this one.. anyway, thanks for the offer of using photos. I'm very behind with my blog but will do it soon and let you know!
Best wishes

amariner said...

Nice mtn shot. I C they did eliminate Ft.Meyers,(that was our lumber supply). I used to live in the Edgewater, which I C is still in the right side on the beach, Strawberry, Verla Robinson's home, (gone), & Ski Bowl, (now a distant memory as well...{;^( I drove the piles 4 the APL dock. Cept then it was contracted thought the A-corporation & was 2 B leased 2 DelMonte Seafoods division. They wanted in on the 100Million pounds of Kings a year being shipped overseas. On U'r Salmon Berry Blooms, I have a frame of an Inch & 1/2 SBerry from my bush on SkiBowl.
So stay frosty when they come & a ZERO know secret is there used 2 B Morals on the East side of the Concrete Slab, (thats still there), as U leave the Unisea going North & have 2 decide do I turn left 4 town/(bridge), or Right 4 the airport, Guess U've had a few rebuilds of that since we used 2 fly outta the 2nd war one W/The Beautiful(Flawless)Mosaic on the floor of that squadron.

Tried U'r local cams, Not up least on 7-18-08.