Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day at Morris Cove

Well, I certainly never expected such a perfect afternoon today . . . . we had scouted out possible picnic spots on Saturday and decided on Morris Cove, about 6 0r 7 miles east of town, as far east as you can drive on the island. We figured the last two miles of road was bad enough to keep everyone with no 4WD and lots of ground clearance away but it isn't exactly a secret spot so we figured we'd be sharing the beach with at least a few other groups enjoying the day.

What we found is what you see above - the top photo shows Morris Cove as we top the hill and begin dropping down towards the beach. The other three shots were taken from our picnic spot by just turning around - behind us were some wild horses grazing, and on either side was pure solitude. We beachcombed for a few hours then cooked hotdogs on our portable grill along with fruit salad and pasta salad. A winter's worth of driftwood accumulation made a bonfire a no-brainer and we sat with our backs against that loveseat shaped log and watched the sun on the water and talked about how lucky we are to be in such a place on such a day . . . . . hope everyone's Memorial Day was equally relaxing - Dad, good to talk with you, and Trevor and Megan!!! I got the message on the recorder when we got home! Sooooo, I've got another grand daughter?! I told you it was going to be a girl!! Congrats and love from Alaska, I'll call you tonight . . . .


Kym said...

The top photo looks painted it is so idyllic. I didn't know you had wild horses. They survive those winters up there?

Zack said...

Hey I recognize those horses! You found them again! That's pretty sweet. Looks wonderful out there. Your backyard is a little bigger than mine is.
Oh ya you heard about Trevor and Megan huh? Trevor said you were the closest in the prediction. Apparently you were just a few hours off. Pretty crazy story he had about getting to the hospital too. I would have hated to be in their car at that time. Holy cow!
Did he tell you that I called almost right after it had all happened? Yep I felt it. A new Tompkins being born, I had to make sure.
Love you

AlaskaSteve said...

Kym, yeah we have wild horses - there is actually a book about the wild horsees out here - The Wild Horses of Summer Bay bu Margarida Kondak. Winters out here are pretty mild compared to most other places in Alaska, at least temperature-wise.

Zack, I heard you called right after the birth - what a wild story! Alexis will always have a crazy story to tell about the day she was born . . . love you, Dad

Lori said...

Love these pictures! Just can't get over the fact of bonfires on the beach. Saw that over in the Olympic Penn last April also. Too cool! If we did that in Florida, we'd be arrested!