Sunday, April 20, 2008


We made our Dutch Harbor to Anchorage to Seattle to Boise, Idaho portion of our travel and we're having fun exploring.  The bird nest is in my sister's yard; she planted four fruit trees 12 years ago for each of her children and they have thrived - the children and the trees - in the years since.  The other pictures are from a trip to Jump Creek this afternoon.  We love Unalaska but it's wonderful to be around family and have that sense of history that binds us all together.  Goldfish is meeting most of my family for the first time, even though I have known her for 13 years.  We're here for a couple more days and then we're renting a car and driving to North Dakota, hitting Yellowstone on the way.  It is actually colder in Idaho right now than it was in Dutch Harbor when we left!


Kym said...

The second bird nest photo is as romantic as a bride in a veil. Lovely, Lovely, lovely!

Keep having a great time.

Lori said...

Love the "falls" picture - where was that one taken? Also, what is Boise like? My husband wants to go there next, but I want to go back to Seattle.

pat said...

Beautiful, Steve. Hope you're having the time of your life!

AlaskaSteve said...

The falls was at Jump Creek, a semi-secret place the locals know about. Boise is very pretty, nice weather, great employment - I think some survey this year voted it one of the 10 best places to live in the US. I've been coming to Idaho every year or two to visit my sister for almost 20 years now and come away impressed everytime.

Thanks Kym, it's just nice seeing a little spring for a change besides your photos! Cheers, steve

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