Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snowshoeing in the Valley

The last couple nights Goldfish and I have been heading out to the valley after work to snowshoe and give Chico his run - beautiful place to hike but horrible flat light for photography. The wind whistles through, on our backs on the first half of the hike, in our face on the way back to the car, sculpting the snow into fantastic shapes, filling our tracks within minutes, Chico seemingly indifferent to its push or pull.

Most of the crab fleet has either gotten their quota or has ceased operations until the ice situation gets better - it has been an especially bad year for sea ice with one of the boats that delivers to our work losing all but 17 of their 200 pots under the ice.

1 comment:

Mystic said...

Great shots! I love the natural snow art that is wind formed!

My GOSH...all the pots but 17?!? That is some serious ice.