Monday, March 31, 2008

Fast Track to the Beach

The pictures of the ice encrusted rocks I posted a couple days ago were taken quite by accident! Goldfish and I were snowshoeing along the bay, picking our way across snow slides that were icy from repeatedly freezing and thawing and trying to avoid the rocks that would occasionally tumble down from above. There was a tricky spot on this particular slide but I was waiting patiently, snapping a few photos, when I heard a whoosh and saw Goldfish take the express elevator to the beach. She was laughing pretty hard so I snapped a photo and slid down to join her where we stripped off the snowshoes and continued the days walk below instead. You can see why it takes awhile in the spring for the road crews to clear the road to Summers Bay!


Kym said...

Sometimes you convince me with your prose and your pictures that you live in a beautiful place.

Sometimes, you just make me glad I live where I do. Brrrr. I'd be going crazy right now.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL Kym!!! It's cold enough here for me. (Typical Californian)
But it's so beautiful there.
The Redneck always said if we ever had to move, we'd go to Alaska.