Sunday, February 17, 2008

East Channel & Mount Newhall at Lunch

Everytime I look at Mount Newhall my eyes are drawn to the rocky outcrop near the top that I know from experience looks like Richard Nixon from the side, and my mind returns to that perfect September day when Chico and I were standing up there. I love how Newhall looked today, the summit wrapped in fresh cloud like a down comforter. It was snowing when I walked home from work tonight, huge wet flakes that are gone already - but at noon the weather was perfect!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the way the clouds rest on the summit.
Perfect picture, Steve.

Kym said...

I can almost feel the way the sun's warmth slips over everything but beneath every shadow cold lurks.

Lothian said...

I give in! I am officially finding a way to move to Alaska -- I can't take these teaser pictures anymore. ;)