Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spring for a Moment

Do you remember a couple days ago I was crowing about temps in the 40's and beautiful sunshine? Well I wanted to post a few pictures from my noon dog walk that day because the NEXT day we got this awesome swirling sleet, sort of like getting sandblasted from all directions, and then today we got a couple inches of wet snow and it was down to 30 degrees when I was out earlier with Chico.
I had to download my camera and take a look at these to see if that day really happened . . . . the top photos is Mount Ballyhoo and you can see how much snow has melted (snowshoeing sessions suspended until further notice). Also, all the little snowslides blocking the road to Summer's Bay and the Pass are melting down and I can get a little further everytime I drive out that way. I lie awake at night thinking about the beaches out there, un-beachcombed for a month now, and all the smelly pretty things washed up by the storms and waiting to be found . . . .
We should have our first shipment of opilio this Friday. It's hard to believe January is almost gone!


T said...

It's funny that you talk about spring for a moment because all last week we had weather somewhere around -20 for most of the week but we had a nice reprieve this weekend with some 30-40 degree temps. I was enjoying this so much i decided to wear shorts to work yesterday because it was about 40 degrees. This was an okay idea until it was time to get off work and the temperature had dropped to something like -50 with the wind chill and here i was stuck at work in my shorts. Luckily a friendly coworker didn't mind giving me a ride home.
By the way, i couldnt help but notice your survey and the overwhelming response to it. I don't know what's more embarassing, you posting the picture or you telling everyone i'm a dolphins fan...hehe

Love you!

Kym said...

I love the idea of all those "smelly pretty things" waiting to be discovered. My dog and my 5 year old would be panting at the bit right with you if they were there;>

AlaskaSteve said...

Trevor - it's looking like you're going public, based on how the survey is going so far - sorry buddy, you should know beter than to bet against the Patriots . . .love you, Dad