Saturday, January 26, 2008

F/V Maverick

I haven't really watched Deadliest Catch but I guess the Maverick isn't going to be on this season for one reason or another. I think the Maverick looks like a crab boat should and I like the tribal killer whale below the wheel house. I wish them all the best in their on-line sales of crab and salmon - their price on crab is actually probably the best on the internet when you factor in the free shipping.

It is a balmy 43 degrees out this evening on the dog walk. All the snow berms are about gone so we took advantage of the easy access and walked right on the beach. The tide is high and the water is flat calm with just ripples lapping the shoreline. Chico found plenty to investigate and I enjoyed the quiet evening, letting him wander where he wanted with no rush to get home.


pat said...

That's a pretty nice evening temp. for Alaska in January! Sounds like you're feeling better and Chico sounds like he has a pretty good life up there...

Zack said...

Man that does sound pretty nice over there in Unalaska, considering it was -10 or so here in Anchorage tonight.

Looks like the poll is going just as I suspected. He'll figure it out one of these days, that the Pats have just dominated for while now.

I also have a picture of that boat Dad, which was actually pretty sweet.

Love ya

Mystic said...

Beautiful Picture Steve. I enjoy all of your pictures and blogs.