Sunday, January 6, 2008


Winter is definitely here to stay and Goldfish and I are embracing the season by breaking out the snowshoes and getting our workouts in after a quick supper. We went to Ballyhoo tonight, snowshoeing up to our fall whale watching spot. Our dieting has gained a new focus - we're in a pool with a few others at work where whomever loses the most in the next three months gets $600. Time to get serious!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

WOW! $600! Now that's incentive. What a beautiful scene. I really love your pictures. You seem to capture the landscape just the way I'd see it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jen- $600 would totally get my couch potato butt off of said couch. Good luck! That pic is incredible- the church and the snow and all the white, and the steeple- just breathtaking. :)

Anonymous said...

I suppose the "famous" pizzas are on the back burner for now?
I'm getting a tad bit flabby myself, yet when Spring comes...lot's of horseback riding shall cure that. I hope.
I've got a 3 yr. old filly that demands I be in shape at that time.
I'm really not looking foward to hitting the dirt at my age.....sigh.
I hope the work doesn't get in the way of the pics, which are beautiful, as always.

AlaskaSteve said...

Red, the pizzas are indeed on the back burner but I'm not giving up the king crab - just the butter. A king crab leg for supper makes a nice treat and delivers protein without all that comes with red meat. I envy you your horseback riding . . . .

Zack said...

Good goal Dad. Maybe you can start beefing out the old Jimmy after all. Just kiddin' I hope you win though. I too need to work off some of that Holiday food.