Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pyramid Peak

A new diner opened down the street, the Crab Pot Deli, and we walked down there for supper tonight after work. I had the crab and avocado club sandwich - quality control you understand as the diner owner buys her crab from my work, usually from me as we sell it through the engineering office - and Goldfish had the daily special which was an excellent soup and sandwich for an astounding bargain price of $4.95. Both were excellent and I think we have a new favorite place to eat when we're in the mood to skip the galley.

I'm eating a lot of crab on my diet - I had a king crab leg shredded over some brown rice with a dab of salsa for lunch today. Low fat and healthy, and it doesn't make you feel like you're suffering and giving up food. Chico and I just got back from a long walk before bed . . . . they are unloading a massive container ship over at the APL dock; a fox we flushed ran across the river ice floes to the other side and startled about a dozen eagles who were settled in for the night on a rock ledge; they took wing silently, silhouetted against the snowy night sky.

The picture shows a mountain of crab pots with Pyramid Peak in the background, taken by Captain's Bay a couple days ago. And Happy Birthday Zack! Good to talk to you tonight - love ya, Dad.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh good! A new place to eat! I'm jealous of the crab you're eating right now, Steve.
Happy Birthday Zack!!!!
And great picture as always.

trblcmn said...

I wish I could zip up there now and try one of those sammies!

Love your site!