Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cod Season

They allocated the cod quota a little differently this year, splitting it almost evenly between the A and B seasons. That, combined with very good fishing, is making for a fairly short cod season. The boats are coming back with good loads and not having to burn too much diesel; the dock price is also excellent.

Goldfish and I went snowshoeing on Ballyhoo tonight after work in a near ground blizzard. I haul a sled behind me so I can whiz back down - a reward for the effort on the way up - and often times it was not even touching the ground, streaming out behind me in the wind as I labored my way up. Goldfish prefers to walk back down, no idea why. She gets more of a workout but I have more fun - Chico goes ballistic chasing me on the sled and trying to pull me off, I'm trying to steer with the blowing snow and Chico jumping all over me, and I have the car all warm and toasty by the time she gets down.

After the workout we swung by the plant and saw they were off-loading cod from the Kevleen K. You can see they get pretty iced up out there on the grounds, despite the best efforts of the crew.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

I almost feel the sting of the cold as you went flying down!
The lighting on that picture is phenomenal.
I tagged you on my blog, by the way.

Lothian said...

2 cod seasons? Can a boat fish both or do they have to choose?

Zack said...

Hey so you finally got too sled down the hill! That's awesome. You haven't went in the water yet have you?
There must be constant ice forming on those boats, holy cow. Looks like quite the chore keeping it clearer off.