Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cod Season

The new cod season starts January 1st so our cod/crab crews have been in town for a few days getting the boats ready. After they finish with cod they'll change out their pots and start fishing for opilio. Pollock season, with it's reduced quota, begins around January 20th. The planes are full every flight with crews arriving to gear up the plants for production - after a couple months of relative quiet out here it's time to crank up and get busy!

Good to talk with you today Dad, with I could have joined the crowd for your 75th birthday!


Cris said...

Hello Steve! I was watching the Deadliest marathon yesterday. There were some instances where I the scenery seemed very familiar to me - and then it dawn on me: Hey, that was on Steve's blog!! Even some of the eagles seemed familiar! Thanks to you, I feel a lot closer to Alaska than I ever thought possible. Thank You!!! Hope you ( and all those you love ) have a wonderful New Year !!

AlaskaSteve said...

Thanks Cris, and a very happy new year to you as well! Steve

Lothian said...

Wow! Those poor fishermen don't get much of a break do they?
BTW, I am using one of your fireworks pictures as my desktop background. I love how we can actually see the stained glass windows all lit up on the church. Really amazing shots Steve!

Zack said...

Happy birthday Grandpa! I know I'm a little late.