Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Whale For Me

Goldfish and Keri walked the dogs on Stawberry Hill this afternoon and reported there were whales very close to shore along the road to the Dutch side. I was heading over there anyways to pick up a chest freezer to put in the basement for us to stash our salmon (gift from a friend), salmonberries, cod, blueberries and crab - the freezer we have is perpetually completely full forcing me to finish a Ben and Jerry's all in one sitting these days (what a horrible life I lead). Anyways, I jumped in a company flatbed and headed over to Dutch Harbor and we saw the tail of the humpback as he dived but we waited and waited while the light faded and I never did see him surface to get a picture. The water isn't very deep where he was so I think he swam either to the left, around the corner of Little South America, or to the right towards open ocean. So no whale photo for me today - serves me right for not walking the dogs with the girls on such a beautiful day . . . . I took a picture while I was waiting, you'll have to mentally insert your own whale into the scene . . . .


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh, but that's such a gorgeous picture without it!!!! One of the things I love about your photos is that you capture a peace and tranquility that I see with my eyes when I'm in nature but can't capture with a camera.
It takes talent.
What a beautiful scene. No whale needed.

Cris said...

I'm with Jennifer.... And there is my favorite blue hue all around.