Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dirty Little Secret

It's no secret that Goldfish likes ravens much better than eagles, and those of you that have spent time around eagles might guess why - they poop really, really big . . . . I mean, they lean forward on whatever they are perched on and just let loose a white Linda Blairish stream of white that coats and splatters whatever (and whomever) is unlucky enough to be in range. It is indeed impressive as the photo above demonstrates - AND they are messy eaters. This is not a head of a 3 or 4 pound pink salmon, this is the head of an 8 or 9 pound silver salmon and with accompanying artwork it makes for a bit of an obstacle on the little footbridge crossing the river by my place. Goldfish claims eagles actually AIM at people . . . . I'm not convinced. I've spent dozens of hours in the field trying to dig up sordid little secrets about ravens to counter her claims which are pretty indisputable with no luck. I can't even produce evidence that ravens even poop, let alone poop untidily . . . . . . .


Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL! Around here, Ravens drop nuts on the asphalt. It's just fine unless you're standing underneath them. Then, it's like little dive bombers pelting your scalp.
Just sayin'.
Great pic.

Cris said...

Once again, your photographic eye is evident in the framing of this picture (the bottom shot).It looks like a perfect " before-and-after" illustration! NOW I understand why eagles look so relaxed.... they don't seem to keep anything bottled up inside! LOL

Lucy Saint said...

LOL very unique post never thought about writing about birds pooping lol.

Mom said...

:o) LOL!!

Ok, Bro. I had to back the goldfish over you .

Raven's are very clean and have been used for taining because they are so smart.
I don't know if you remember the farm we use to go to, but they had a raven who lived outdoors but came to a whistle, collected shiny things and did tricks. It was cool.

Now, I don't know much about Eagles to not say this is also true of them.

Love ya
good to talk to you tonight.