Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Big News

Today was day two of the new job, not too much to report on that front yet. I didn't post anything Sunday night as that was my night to cook . . . I hit two out of three recipies, the cherry and chocolate chip scones came out good, the quiche lorraine came out good, but the English muffins from scratch, baked on a griddle, were not the best. It is from a very old family recipie from a cookbook my sister compiled last year so the directions are a bit "sparse". I love a challenge though so I'll keep trying until I get it right.

After work tonight Goldfish and I went hiking on Ballyhoo with our friend Keri and her dog Kali, and of course Chico. We watched the whales for awhile while the dogs played; the weather was outstanding!

The photo shows crates of crab legs coming out of the cooker and into the chiller. After the chiller they are glazed, boxed and shipped. We're getting another crab delivery in a couple days, it's a fun process to watch.

The big news? Can't tell, I promised I'd wait a couple days! Cheers and good night!

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Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh,you're a big tease!!! Your scones sound YUMMY!
I know what you mean about English Muffins. They're not so easy.