Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wow, Where Did August Go?

Seems like August snuck by pretty quick - here we are with a fresh new month sprawling ahead already. The beginning of September also marks the start of commercial cod season out here so there will be some changes in plant staffing and we flew in 27 additional employees to help with the cod processing.

I've got a bunch of goals for September - seems like the new month has me in a goal setting mood - but I won't share them here. Life is good! I'm not sure what the bird is in the photo - maybe one of you knows?


Zack said...

27 new employees? That is like how many people work at Frigid North. August did slip by huh? Next thing i knew it was the state fair. I will not be attending this year though. It is always fun to her about it when people go though.

AlaskaSteve said...

I think it's good to skip the state fair once in awhile - you always appreciate it more when you go back, right? What was the headliner act for the main stage this year I wonder?