Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wind From The South-East

Most of the fleet left for the fishing grounds today so there will likely be a gap before another delivery. Last night's storm was fantastic - it is still blowing a bit but the sun is shining with mixed clouds. One of the benefits of being so far out west is although it get light fairly late in the morning, we are blessed with daylight well into the evening, even this time of year.

Goldfish is baking muffins and I am sourcing materials on-line to make soap. If tomorrow is a day off I'm hoping for decent weather so I can tackle Mount Newhall. The photos show a Russian icebreaker that is part of the Shell Oil exploration fleet that has been parked here in Dutch harbor for awhile on stand-by at the cost of a million dollars a day while their environmental permits to drill in the Beaufort Sea are reviewed. I took the picture from Ballyhoo while the ship was passing by Hog Island - to give a sense of scale, the escort tugboat is 80 feet long.

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Zack said...

The tugboat looks like a baby elephant following it's mother. That is a huge boat! I wouldn't want to pay for that thing to operate. Or not operate for that matter.