Thursday, September 20, 2007

Three Months

I didn't post yesterday as we went out for our monthly celebration of another month on the island. I spent the afternoon walking the beach on the spit with Chico gathering a particular kind of seaweed I want to use in my soap making, then Goldfish and I went out for Chinese food. Today we hiked on Ballyhoo and watched the whales, spouting and cavorting 3 to 400 yards offshore. We picked up Keri's dog Kali on the way so Chico would have a play buddy to run with.

With the passing of the three months comes the changing of the season, from summer to fall. The salmon berries are gone and the blueberries are growing scarce. The fire weed has peaked out and the tundra vegetation has begun to change to reds and browns from vibrant green. And of course the pink salmon run is slowing down and spawned out carcasses are washing out to sea with the tides . . . . I look forward to the change of seasons and all the new things that await!

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