Friday, September 14, 2007

Great Food

We just got back from the birthday party, wow there was a lot of great food there. It's interesting, the social structure has almost come full circle from pre-contact times in this area. Long ago, the sea and the land provided everything the tribe needed and there was a great emphasis on family. You had potlatches and seasonal celebrations and taking care of the tribe was more important than "things" or status.

Today, our basic needs are met with food and shelter provided by the company so there can be that emphasis on people again. It took awhile for me to understand why anyone would cook anything when the galley is always open, but it is the social aspect of food and the care that goes into the preparation that is important. In most places you just don't see 20 to 25 people gathering, all with food, for a birthday party - every birthday party - but here the societal fabric seems to be woven a little tighter . . .

Anyways, there is fish in the morning, I need to get to bed. Folks liked my salmon berry pie so that was fun, and my belly is full of many wonderful dishes and desserts I had never tried. The picture is taken along a beach towards Summer's Bay - I am always drawn to documenting old nets, gear and timbers along the beaches, usually at the high water mark, driven ashore by winter storms. There is supposed to be a big storm coming that will bring a lot of the fleet back to port so it will be very busy for a few days . . . cheers everyone and good night!

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