Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Such A Great Day

Today was one of those days where everything fell into place - work was hard, but not impossible; the day was sunny but not too hot; Goldfish made supper at home, and it was excellent; and we ventured out past Summer's Bay and had a fantastic walk along the shoreline after we ate. There was a small shallow creek packed with salmon moving in from the ocean, splashing and struggling. There was a seal bobbing in the surf feasting on returning salmon. There were tidepools, shells, and crashing waves. We found a great spot to have our bonfire in a few days when we celebrate two months on the island. Everything was perfect except I wish there were more hours in the days - if I log off now I can get maybe five hours sleep before I get up for work - cheers and goodnight!

The picture is one I took this evening and shows a piece of old rope buried in the sand with bird tracks around it.

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