Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Are These For Fresh?

These pictures are hot off the digital camera but are not what I hoped to post . . . let me explain. I had just gotten home from work after stopping by the galley for a bowl food. I grabbed a couple slices of pork roast, some mashed potatoes and some cottage cheese and then Goldfish had brought home leftovers from an office birthday party for her boss so I had a pretty good spread going. I was looking out the window while I ate and noticed two sea lions swimming by - I didn't want to stop eating right that minute but I've been wanting some sea lion photos for the blog so after eating I headed out with the camera to walk on the beach and see if I could catch up with the sea lions.
I didn't have any luck with the sea lions so I took some shots of shore birds and F/V Nordic Star which fishes for Unisea (the competition) but was delivering to our dock tonight for some reason. It is a quiet foggy evening and Goldfish could not see the whales due to the fog when she walked Chico. I'm signing off, we're watching a movie before bed - good to talk to you tonight Trevor!


Zack said...

Hoho, Unisea. That is where my buddy at work, David, had worked for. That guy I was telling you about, that was their tech out there. I always talk about Dutch Harbor with him. It's nice because you guys sometimes talk about the same things, like ballyhoo, and he even named some of the boats you talk about. Even one of the restaurants.
Love ya

AlaskaSteve said...

I'll get you out here sometime and you can check places out for yourself - I have to say I love it out here, the only downside being the distance to family. But hey, I'm closer to Anchorage than when I was in Maine, right? Love ya