Thursday, June 28, 2007

Walk, Walk, Walk

We took a loooong walk tonight, maybe a bit too long according to my legs (to their credit, they did do quite a bit of ladder climbing at work today where I spent the morning climbing around on a condenser stack clearing disperser nozzles of blockages - the most interesting being a bird bone). We walked for almost 2 hours, out past the landfill and back, at least 5 or 6 miles. Lots of eagles and ravens and I saw my first fox!

The pictures above are not from today, they are from another of our favorite walks up Haystack Hill, right across the river from our apartment. The top picture shows our place, the right hand unit on the four-plex. I've learned that I can keep a skiff on the riverbank anywhere there is room if I choose. The middle picture shows some of the view from the backside of Haystack, and the bottom picture shows the entire plant including our apartment taken from Haystack, similar to the night time picture in my first post taken by someone else. It's amazing that the plant was such a mystery just a week ago and now I can name all the buildings in the picture and have worked projects in many of them.

In the top picture you can see how shallow the channel gets on the ocean side at low tide. Big fishing boats and boats of all kinds use that channel, right by our living room window - I love it! Out the bedroom windows on the river side of our place I can watch eagles pretty much any time of day - I'll post some pictures of them soon.

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