Friday, June 29, 2007

Views From the Neighborhood

Tonight we hiked up Haystack Hill, the hill just across the river from our place. We walk down the street a couple blocks to the little foot bridge to the other side and hike to the very top where the cell phone towers are located. Today I walked the whole way without stopping and got a good workout in. When we walked the couple blocks to the footbridge we saw an eagle divebomb into the water just 30 feet away, missing the fish he was aiming for and looking foolish about it.

The top picture shows our apartment - we have a nice big living room, two bedrooms, and a kitchen and dining area. It was fully furnished with decent furniture, even a computer desk and an entertainment center with a TV which we have not used since we got here. The cable is plugged directly into the cable modem and I have no idea what channels came with the basic cable package we had to get to have broadband.

The second picture shows an eagle sitting in a shallow part of the river right across from the apartment, and I thought it was cool how the eagle in the last picture was peeking down at me from on top of the telephone pole, also right across from the apartment.

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Zack said...

That is quite a shot of that eagle looking at you (I think he's wants a piece). Your apartment is huge ,oh and there is the millipede machine. That is a must have.
I hope the job is going well, and they aren't treating you too bad.
Must be pretty relaxing out there. Well after the long days at work, and away from the plant. Looks like quite a place.
Love ya