Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello There . . . .

 It has been a very long time since I blogged anything, and the words are not exactly flowing now.  While the season has passed from summer to fall, it has seemed like my life has been on hold, a Groundhog Day cycle of working and watching Goldfish and being careful not to bump the nose of a dog who is no longer there when I reach down in the mornings to pull open my sock drawer.  Chico was not just a good dog, he was the best dog. 

In the picture above is Lacey, short for a very long papered name that has "Lace" in it somewhere.  Tonight will be Lacey's second night in our home.  The photo does not convey how tiny she is, just 13 pounds at 14 months old.  She is also a good dog, and last night she slept in the living room with her long delicate nose quite safe from my early morning fumblings with my sock drawer. 

 I have sort of finished the fridge project as seen by the before and after above.  I tore the built in shelving to the left of the pantry cupboard out and rebuilt it 6 inches thinner to accomodate the new fridge.  All the new electrical and plumbing and drywall and painting to make that happen does not really show, which I guess is the whole point.  I just need to cut down and reinstall the cupboard above the fridge, taking 6 inches off the height, and I'll be done.  Goldfish's Mom is flying out for a visit in November, so I'll try to have that done before she gets here.

I turned another year older this month, so I threw a party and had a bunch of friends over.  Not everyone has a fog machine at their birthday, but that is just how I roll.  I hope getting a quick post out will prime the pump, and I can start blogging again, because there sure is an interesting island out there that deserves comment, and I need to pay closer attention.  Cheers folks, and happy fall . . . . .


Gorges Smythe said...

I'm glad to hear you're still "perculating" as my great aunt used to say. Sorry for any loss you may have sustained, but I'm glad you've got a new friend. God bless you.

Suzassippi said...

It's good to see you back, and happy birthday. Hugs to Lacey!

Love the new refrigerator; it actually looks pretty cool with the top open--kind of like a little display shelf.

DG said...

Yeah! Glad you are back! Miss Lacey looks like she is going to have a lot of personality. Can't wait to see and read about her adventures around the island and escapades with the local wildlife like you had with Chico.

PS. The kitchen remodel looks good.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

aww. so glad to see you back. and with a new dog to love and be loved-- she looks very sweet. i've felt for myself that getting another dog after losing my Lucy last February (age 15 1/2) is both a happy event and also the hard finality of letting my old girl go. So even though we don't know each other, please, you will have to tell me how it's going with your new dog because I haven't found one yet after seven months without. love the kitchen-- love the party pics. you seem to have a fully lived life there on the island. looking forward to more posts!

Jennifer Leeland said...

I will miss the Chico stories, but I bet Lacey will take over in short order.
And great job on the fridge project!
Happy Birthday and I think EVERYONE should have a fog machine on their birthday.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

First, happy birthday sir!

And second, Lacey looks like a GREAT dog and I am very HAPPY for you -- !!


Mystic said...

I look forward to many future posts with your new friend Lacey.
Chico was one of a kind my friend....The pain of losing such a close family member is tremendous. I do hope you will feel the urge to blog again. I sure miss your musings and pictures.

Gigi said...

Welcome back, friend. Hope to see you in person soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new friend! I'm glad you had room in your heart so soon. Lacey is gorgeous. Hope life picks up like you want! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Libby

Ann Graham said...

Steve, Many blessings to you as you will always have Chico in your heart but lots of room for the beautiful Miss Lacey. It's life and welcome back to the blogosphere - I missed reading your adventures and seeing your fabu photogs!

Ann Graham

Lori said...

I am so happy to see your post. I have been away for so long - so much has been going on. I read the post before this one a while back and just could not find the right words to post.

I loved Chico too and will miss seeing him in all your beautiful pictures, but now you have someone else that will be very special to you and I so look forward to seeing Lacey in your pictures.

Please don't stay away so long - miss you! Oh, and how about the Halloween party this year?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Steve: Merry Christmas to you and Goldfish!


Baby Games said...

Yes,there are all family times,I would like to stay with my family.Happy new year!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...



Come clean with your readers:

Are you going to post again, or are you another abandoned port in a sea of blogs?

If you're done, just say so. We'll all move on.

If you're not done, then please take charge. You've got a great blog. I'd hate to see it abandoned.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Let me state the obvious:

It's January 2012, almost February.

Are you EVER coming back?

Can you tell us?