Monday, December 20, 2010

Pacific Aviation Museum

The Pacific Aviation Museum ia a little jewel, voted the 8th best aviation attraction in the United States.
I almost lost Goldfish here - I got off the shuttle bus, and she - almost - did not.  Apparently 6 months ago, when we first started talking about what we wanted to see on Oahu while we were there, I made an off-hand remark about "not needing to see some little aviation museum in the middle of nowhere after visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum several times".  Well, Goldfish remembers everything, and even though she watched me purchase combo tickets for the Missouri, the Bowfin and the Museum, all she could think about was my remark six months ago.  So when I stood up and left the bus, she stayed put, certain I would realize the error of my ways and re-board the bus.
I stood firm however, and she eventually got off the bus, just before they departed.
My favorite exhibit was the B-25 Mitchell.  The Doolittle Raid of 1942 has always captured my imagination - launching these bombers from an aircraft carrier, with no way for them to land back on the carrier after the mission, mostly to inject a little morale into the war effort - and amazing story.

And finally, the same control tower on Ford Island that was used on December 7, 1941.  It has fallen into disrepair and they are raising funds to restore it to like-new condition.  The museum itself is housed in hangers adjacent the control tower.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

My father, who passed away last year, survived 22 missions with the 8th AF. He was rotated back to the states as an aircraft instructor. Though he piloted B-17Gs, he was a designated Instructor Pilot in the B-25 Mitchell at Mather AFB. Imagine that.

Not only meeting Jimmy Doolittle, he met Jimmy Stewart and INSTRUCTED Jimmy Stewart.

He found Doolittle arrogant; he found Stewart a "down-to-earth" guy.


Anne Murata said...

Nice story and photos. Mahalo for visiting. Did you get to see Hangar 79 also? We have two hangars to explore. Hangar 79 has more recent aircraft, our Restoration Shop, the MiG Alley exhibit, and it's still in battlefield condition, with bullet holes in the beautiful blue glass leaded windows. We really appreciate your taking the time to blog about us and want you to come back soon. Fan us on Facebook and follow us @PacificAviation on Twitter, and we'll stay in touch. A hui hou!

Anne Murata
Director of Marketing
Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Anonymous said...

What a great place to put an aviation museum. Yes this was the very battlefield that was bombed by the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 7th 1941, but it was also where Ameila Earheart ground looped her Lockheed Vega in March 1937, and it is where Pan Am first landed the Boeing 314 China Clipper ship, November 1937. And their is more history to come back and see.

Anonymous said...

Amelia Earhart