Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where to Even Start? I think I need multiple posts . . . .

I guess let's start with a belated Father's Day post.  My sister already did a great job posting on our family blog, covering all the Dads, so let me just say a few words about one.  We couldn't ask for a better Dad, he taught us all about hard work, honesty, faith, and compassion.  He gave me the love of woodworking, reading, and travel.  There was never a day that I had to wonder if he loved my Mom, or if he loved any of us.  I don't call him as often as I should, but he is always the guy I am writing to when I'm sitting here at the computer past my bedtime, trying to think of coherent captions for the pictures I have uploaded.

I had to settle for leaving him a message on his recorder on Father's Day because he was probably in church, and then my brother brought him down to the Maine coast for a lobster feed.  I would love to have him out to the island, but I understand the grueling marathon involved in traveling from Maine to Unalaska.

Love you Dad!

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Bren said...

I love the first picture. I often remember a similar picture in my mind (although a bit older couple). Love you dad.