Monday, May 31, 2010

Playing Catch-Up and Reflections on Time

Here I am, blogging after an absence of almost two weeks.  The past few weeks have seen a fair amount of rain . . . I can remember walking with Chico through the valley to the trail leading to the base of Pyramid last week and noticing the ground was just littered with dead earthworms, driven from the water saturated ground.  I think the fact I was looking at the ground instead of the beautiful vistas all around me  demonstrates a certain inward thinking, an internal taking stock and prioritization.  The addition of Fire Fighter I school has really crunched my schedule - finding time for another 25 to 30 hours a week when I already work 80 hours is a tall order, and it will continue until August.  Also last week there was a huge ball of baby bairdi crab by the dock, maybe three feet across comprised of thousands of crabs.  Around this time of year this a common sight if you look closely along the shoreline.

I suppose they think they are bunching together because there is safety in numbers - to me, it looks like an underwater buffet table . . .
You can see the crab ball was just a few feet off shore in just a few feet of water.
I cooked breakfast burritos and basic breakfast potatoes for Goldfish out of the Pioneer Woman cookbook, another great recipe that I really should have cut in half - we had leftovers for days.

The good weather finally showed up and everyone got out to play.  Lots of activity at the boat launches, pickup games at the outdoor basketball court, folks walking and jogging and riding their bikes.  We even have a few jet skis out here - of course the riders are wearing a drysuit or arctic neoprene because the Bering Sea is still cold, no matter how inviting it looks.

This goes to show that you can go by something a hundred times and still see something new - I really like how the Mariner fleet, rafted alongside the dock at work, look from the base of Bunker Hill, everything just ties together into a nice composition.

We brought Chico out a couple times to Morris Cove to see the horses and check the beaches.  Such a beautiful pup!

The horses look like they had a good winter.  I know the cattle on the ranch on the next island to the west eat seaweed sometimes, said to have the same protein value as soybeans - I wonder if horses ever try that?

Anyways, I have to get to bed.  Lots more to blog about but my head seems empty tonight - or perhaps too full . . . . cheers, I'll try to post more often! 


bre said...

Such fun pictures! I am glad you are still finding time to get outside although I really don't know when you can! Love ya

Lauri said...

Gorgeous photos, Steve! So happy I still have a "life-line" to my beloved "rock"...

Your blog rocks!!!

Lori said...

Missed you - so glad you posted. Beautiful pics! Love the tini crabs - quite the contrast from what we are use to seeing. Don't run yourself down - take care!

Transitions said...

Wow your life seems so crazy busy. I am glad you find time to tell us about it though

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Once again, great photographs!

Glad to see the weather yielding great pix!

I have three digital cameras; I've just ordered a fourth.

I have a Sony A300 DSLR, a Sony DSC HS1, and a Sony DSC-P200 -- a VERY compact camera and the one I customarily take everywhere.

I'm awaiting delivery of a Nikon Coolpix P100, which has a 26X zoom (26mm to 678mm in 35mm format equivalent) with Nikkor ED glass, and uses SDHC cards, 10.3 mp resolution, VR image stabilization (for my aged and rattling hands) AND Full HD (1080p) movie capability at 30fps with stereo sound, built-in microphone, dedicated movie-record button and HDMI output.

Can you IMAGINE the stuff you can get on cameras these days??? And all for a mere $400??

This stuff just blows me away. Why would you, generally, spend $10K on a DSLR body these days, other than for the penultimate highest of high end commercial stuff? It seems to me that digital cameras this year, compare to commercial product available just 5 years ago.


AlaskanDave said...

Good job the crab pictures

Margrita said...

Steve sorry been so quiet I got a new laptop and it has been a hit and miss trying to understand all the new things it does. I still don't understand half of them. I'll learn as I explore the features. Wow that was a cheeky fox snitching the bird seed. I ordered a nice supply of salmon from ANC boy it is delicious. I love to sprinkle some nice herbs on it a little olive oil and grill yum. Love the ball of crab so close to the shore. I wish you well with your training. Thank you for the awesome postcard I love the otters they are so cute and playful looking. You are lucky you get to see such wonderful wildlife. I enjoy looking at your photos they are great. I wish you a great week.