Monday, March 8, 2010

Survival Mode

I took this photo of Little Priest Rock just a month ago, when we were starting to get a bit of light in the evenings and the mild weather carried a whiff of a far away spring. Goldfish and I left "the baby" back at the house and we were walking along by the beach looking for driftwood for a craft project I had in mind.

Such a contrast to this past week when one blizzard after another has been pounding the island, disrupting freight, causing accidents, and rubbing psyches raw. Endless blowing snow packed into the engine bay of my old truck, disabling it until I can get it warmed up and dry. Shoveling is an endless activity; morning, noon and night with the snow quickly erasing any progress. The drifts around the house are as high as the roof. The joints ache, tempers flare, and yet the weather calls for another week of the same. I drive home at noon in total whiteout conditions, wondering if I am going to die on the road this day for the sake of a dog's bladder. Wanting nothing more than to just hunker down and wait it out, work continues 7 days a week, the hungry maw of the world awaits the ocean's bounty and so we continue.

Bright spots for the week include the basketball tournament (Go Raiders!), meeting all those folks from REAL bush communities who are completely unfazed by our blizzards, and act like they are in a big city - as a parent who used to travel the state to see my son compete in athletic competitions, I find a lot to talk about when these folks come up to my office looking to buy some crab to bring home. Also, the landscape has been completely transformed by the storms, I need to get out and about tomorrow with a camera and enjoy the changes! Cheers and good night!


Bren said...

The desire for spring is an eternal desire for all of us as we slowly await the evidence of life. I hope your arm can weather the storms and rest can be found.
Love ya

Lauri said...

I remember those storms, one after another..almost impossible to dig oneself out....and I've risked life and limb for a dog's bladder more than a few times.

A few flakes fell here on BI yesterday, but no shovels were involved.


Anonymous said...

sunny and low 50's in Maine with almost no white stuff to be found
love from Maine

Lori said...

I believe that pic qualifies for the calendar next year - awesome! And as the saying goes, just wait 5 minutes, or in this case 5 days and the weather will change - LOL! Bless you for being a good dad to your pup - I can't go home for lunch anymore - too far, so mine just has to wait until my daughter comes home from school. I do miss going home for lunch though - take care and drive safe! Oh, and Lauri needs some help posting pics with captions over on LOTR blog.

Anonymous said...

Yep! As refreshing as ever. I await each of your posts with much anticipation.

Cookie Dough said...

hellloooo neighbor. Do you have any pictures of the neighborhood? I'd love to see how snowy it is! All I can take pics of is gate L1 :)

Milepost 154 said...

Most people don't know what real cold is like. I still wear shorts in the winter and it's around 20 to 25 at night. I wore shorts during our Alaska cruise with my father a few years ago. Everyone else was walking the deck in parkas, mittens, boots. Now, minus 20 or so, that's starting to get cold.


Jeannette said...

I hadn't read your blog since January 31st. I lost track of it, or maybe your aspitation to start cooking and photographing all the PW recipes scared me. I mustn't be swayed that way, I mustn't... I hope some of the folks I may have directed to your blog back when I gave you the "superior scribbler's award" got involved in your fund raising. I hear you, no matter how universal the cause, it is hard to ask. Well...quickly scrolling past all the lovely food you and your Goldfish are cooking, I thoroughly enjoyed your neighborhood, your friends the foxes and in general, the tone and tenor of your narrative. Hope you have earned the respect of your dog, especially after reviving him from his overzealous fox chasing. Thanks for all the sharing. Cheers.