Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Goldfish and I have a iron-bound tradition of going out for Chinese food on Valentine's Day. With our favorite Chinese restaurant out here burned out for the time being, Goldfish cooked up a meal of egg rolls, pot stickers and General Tao's Chicken to keep the tradition alive. A romantic dinner for two (well, three if you count Chico . . . . ) I was busy assembling dining room chairs while she was cooking - five down and one to go by the time the evening as over.

With her birthday and Valentine's less than two weeks apart, I combined the two and gave her a Birthintine's present this year - an Electrolux Wavetouch double oven, otherwise known among the gals as a "Kelly Ripa oven" (seriously, you can Google it).

Goldfish was amazingly thoughtful and gave me everything I need to get started making sushi, something I've wanted to try and get good at for a very long time, especially with all the great fresh seafood out here on the island. There is nothing more loving to give to another person than the tools for them to achieve their goals; thank you sweetheart for a wonderful Valentine's Day!


bre said...

Wow! It looks like Christmas! I love the stove, Goldfish. Steve, it will be fun to finish your cookbook on that baby.

Capt. Schmoe said...

This is going to seem like a really stupid question. I have to assume that as Unalaska is a rather small community, not all of the items one would want to purchase for gifts or home are stocked down at Fisherman's Supply or another local retailer.

How long in advance do you have to purchase gifts on-line etc, to have a reasonably good chance of it getting there before the desired date?

I am sure there are seasonable adjustments to that time frame.

In that photograph of the gifts that you received, what percentage of the items were available locally?

I am just guessing "Last minute shopping" may be a relative term in Unalaska.

Thanks for the post.

Alaska Steve said...

Capt Schmoe, of all the sushi making items, I think my wife bought 100% of them on-line but I would imagine quite a few of them might be available locally. We have a 4000 year-round population out here, so use that for a guide - one gas station, two grocery stores, a few restaurants, that kind of thing. For larger items, Horizon Lines comes out from Anchorage once a week, and Coastal Transportation comes up from Seattle once a week. Mostly we love on-line shopping - I remember standing in a large national chain store on vacation a couple years back after having been on the island for quite awhile and thinking "Wow, this is almost as nice as shopping on-line!" Love you blog by the way, do you mind if I link to you on my sidebar?

Miss Minnie said...

What a beautiful story you and Golfish have, to travel though life with your soul-mate is a wonderful thing, and I for one enjoyed that you share it with all of us, never met you guys, but am in awe of what the two of you have.Love that you were able to still have your tradition even without the resturant. The table setting, perfect, the gifts an added bonus for a delightful day.
Love you post's, and always look forward to reading them

Mystic said...

What a whopper of a day for you guys!
Cheers and Happy Valentines!

How is Chico?

Margrita said...

Nice gifts glad you had a great Valentines. I need and x-large in the dance shirt. Please email me the address to send you the money. Thank you Margarita

Margrita said...

What a great Valentines wonderful gifts. I need one x-large of the dancer shirts please email me with the address to send the money to thank you.

Capt. Schmoe said...

Alaska Steve - Thanks for the information. 4000 seems like a pretty good number, not too big, but large enough to sustain some businesses year round. I am sure the seasonal population helps as well.

By all means, add the link. I am getting ready to make some changes on my sidebar, and will add yours as well.


verybadcat said...

Fabulous! :) Happy Valentine's Day.

Ben said...

Nice looking (and familiar) table there Uncle! Glad you guys had a good Valentine's Day.

Lori said...

What a nice Valentine's Day and love Goldfish's Birthintine's present - I just may google it. Good luck with the sushi Steve! The flowers are beautiful - you two are so lucky to have one another. Cherish your memories.

Alaska Steve said...

Ben! I knew you'd get a kick out of seeing the dining room table. Funny story - Goldfish and I have spent literally months looking at dining room tables. We have this amazing dining room spot, with skylights and lots of hard wood, and we wanted the table to be perfect. We had almost given up on the perfect table when we walked into my nephew's dining room for a lobster feed while we were back East on vacation, and Goldfish immediately knew she had found her table. We were able to track it down and get it ordered and now it's here - and we have a funny story besides . . . and we have a connection between the East Coast and West Coast parts of the family!