Monday, January 18, 2010

Mother Nature's Paintbrush

I was walking Chico after work tonight in a howling gale and I was amazed how little movement there was; with very little vegetation, all the snow packed into near concrete from the relentless wind, and everything that is light enough to blow already blown away, there were very few visual cues to indicate anything was happening at all. The edges of the mountains are blurred and the sky is the exact same color as the snow, the land seamlessly transitions into the air and under it all is an angry sea.

It hasn't been photography weather, but there is always something to see in life if you watch for it, and as I lie in bed blogging I am watching the two windows pictured above as the wind driven snow changes the scene, cycling the pattern like a cross between an Etch-A-Sketch and a lava lamp. Quite beautiful, actually.

I've been dragging my feet a bit entering the new year - we've been busy enough, with company over every weekend since we've been home, and I managed to get some motorcycle riding in before the weather turned completely nasty. There was training and some ambulance runs and Book Club and finally getting the calendars to the printer and of course lots and lots of work. The mattress that Goldfish picked out on vacation (do you know about the Princess and the Pea? Well I married the Princess!) arrived and she is blissfully snuggled in beside me. The dog is snoring and the wind is howling outside and my heart is full. Cheers and good night.


verybadcat said...

at first glance, i thought those were two of your photographs, framed. :)

i love the magic of a snow covered landscape. i love hearing about it from here, where our high for today is 60 degrees. :)

Bren said...

We are blessed to have a warm house to snuggle in. You in the gale and me with high 40's yesterday. hehehe... any way. Great to hear from you. Love ya

gpc said...

The windows really are beautiful. When I saw them pictured in the blog, I thought they were paintings and was trying to figure out what the artist intended!

Lauri said...

Love it! I don't know what I'd do without your blog, Steve!

Enjoy your weather and Mother Nature's artwork. I know I miss it.

:) Lauri

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The wind here is just massive. I haven't even been up to my cabin yet, I've been working extra hours. I'm leaving in an hour and I'm wondering how much snow and how much wind I'll find, if I can even get up there without chains.
But if you can't even get up I-80 with a 4X4 and snow tires, they shut the freeway down anyway.


Lori said...

I too, thought they were pics until I clicked on them to enlarge and then dah, re-read your post. You make me stop, look around and appreciate all there is in our surroundings, which often we take advantage of.........thanks!