Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Shopping and Wicked on Broadway

Today we kept it simple, we headed up over to The Pond to check out all the little shops around the skating rink, then we had a great Italian meal at Rino Trattoria. After that, we freshened up and went out to the Gershwin Theater to watch Wicked.

This was the opening set for Wicked - they have pretty extreme warnings against photography of any kind so I just put the camera away, relaxed, and enjoyed the show. Great performance and both those witches have some real pipes. After the show we stopped at Gristedes for a few essentials and got home as soon as we could - we're trying for an early start tomorrow to explore south Manhattan and still get back in time for a Blue Man Group performance. Nite!


Anonymous said...

Wicked! Awesome choice. Looks like you are having a blast. I was just talking about NYC today. I miss that place so bad. Love visiting there. Have a fun trip!
BTW, Alex and Berrimilla are in Cape Town, South Africa, if you haven't been following the new blog.
- Carla

Alaska Steve said...

Carla! Great to hear from you, I'll check out the Berri blog! I got to video chat with Alex one time - met his wife actually - when he was still in Australia. Take care - steve

Lori said...

Wicked! Again, another favorite choice of mine to see - did you read the books by chance? My daughter has them and I need to get back to reading and it's on the top of my "to read" list.