Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sooo Close & View from the Living Room

The pass is just 50 yards right around the corner but the beast was starting to fish-tail a bit and there really isn't much room for error up there so I turned around and headed back to the ranch. You can't really tell but the snow gets quite a bit deeper just beyond where I turned around. I think unless things change dramatically I'm going to consider the pass closed for the season - if the big Ford is sliding around in 4WD and granny low then it really isn't safe for anything besides Roger in a grader . . . . of course I could still give it a try on the motorcycle!

Not the best place to turn around but it beat backing down in a whiteout with a 600 foot drop on one side and no guard rail . . . .

View from the living room - the interesting part is this was taken today at lunch, and the pass photos were taken just 5 hours later. Never a dull moment with Unalaska weather!

As usual, I can't decide what view of the eagle I like best. You can see from the photo above that even though the sun was shining the wind was still gusting pretty good. Last night was a pretty good blow and tonight is shaping up to be more of the same - it really drives home how well this place was built when the wind is howling outside and we are warm and cozy. I love being under a pile of blankets listening to a really good storm raging outside.

About 56% of the red king TAC (total allowable catch) has been delivered from the 70 boats participating in the fishery this season. Our dock has been busy as many boats chose to come in and make a delivery and let their pots soak instead of riding the storm out on the Bering where waves approaching 30 feet have been reported. I've been watching the deliveries closely and we just got some amazing bairdi last night worthy of being this year's Christmas crab - just have to get some to the airport and on the way to Idaho and Maine!

This is a really tough time of year to take photos - it is dark when I go to work and almost dark when I get out. It was great to video chat with Sis tonight - ain't technology grand? Cheers everyone!


Cookie Dough said...

Looks like we got out og town in the nick of time! (5pm ish)

Bren said...

It was so fun to see you last night! Looking forward to getting a real hug soon!

mamawas said...

The analogy/reference to the road grader being the safest vehicle to traverse the pass was a coffee spew alert for me this AM Steve.

We have a few high country passes (Red Mountain) that aren;t even road grader appropriate during certain points in the year in Colorado.


Richard & Penelope said...

I am glad to see that you have some snow in the area. We are getting a light flaking of snow this morning but nothing that is collecting. It is brobably in the process of turning to rain. I have a nice wood fire going this morning that feels real nice. I do have to be careful not to let it get to warm. No overnight fires yet. I filled the Defiant up the other night and had all the doors open for the upstairs and it was in the 70's upstairs and nearly 80 downstairs. It looked as though you had a great party at your house and plenty of room for everyone. Glad to see your bloging. Love Dad & Penny

Gigi said...

That can be a scary turn-around! We've had to back down before and did not enjoy it! I like the eagle sitting there with the little bird house below. Wonder what he thought about that?!

Suzassippi said...

I take it the first big snow? Yep, looks like you are done with that road for a bit.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I like the shot of the wind-ruffled eagle feathers.

And 4X4 discretion is, of course, the better part of valor.


Lori said...

The close up of the eagle is my fav. That appears to be to close of a call for the turn around. I too think that you should consider the pass closed (and don't even think about the bike - Goldfish would freak!)

I would so love some of that Christmas crab shipped to FL! :-)