Sunday, November 8, 2009

F/V Fierce Allegiance

Fierce Allegiance made another delivery today at work and it was a beautiful day for wandering the dock and taking photos. The snow was melting, there was no wind, and the Bering Sea was pretty flat - what a change from the last week!


verybadcat said...

You must admit that you have some incredible scenery at work. Even the crabs are pretty. ;)

Lori said...

Nice pics today! Love the snow up on the mountains (and the crab too)!

mamawas said...

love all the Unalaska pix...God's country for sure

Anonymous said...

I named a colt Fierce Allegiance about four years ago. Now he is a grown stallion who has produced a colt of his own with three more on the way for next year. The name just "spoke" to me and still does.
Dee Schauer, Boyd TX