Friday, September 25, 2009

First Snow

Yes, snow . . . those of us up early saw a mixture of rain and snow this morning, and there is clearly "termination dust" on the tops of some of the higher mountains. It was chilly enough I briefly considered wearing gloves when I rode the Kawasaki to work. Good timing, I picked up a beater truck today for that brutal 2.5 mile commute in the morning, a '79 Ford, the last of the good ones (sorry Troy). Looks rough but runs great and it gives me an option when two wheels doesn't seem inviting and it definitely has "go anywhere" capability. Chico is very excited that we are putting the rear seats back into the Honda Element, turning it back into a people car, and not just a glorified dog taxi - he is pickup truck dog at heart, to be sure. Gotta get to bed, the first wave of furniture for the house is hitting the island tomorrow and I need my rest . . .


Lauri said...

Great truck, Steve! I am a Ford girl at heart...however, I drive an Isuzu Trooper (good dog truck :)...The snow has arrived, one question.....what happened to summer????

Gigi said...

Ahhh, summer.....I wish I had some memories of it. :) Yes, I saw the termination dust and had a sinking feeling in my tummy. Here's to winter in Unalaska--you know we all secretly love it. :) Glad you got a vehicle now that you are not right next door to work any more. I'm sure you are loving your new house, though!

Lori said...

Snow - already? I am so jealous. Still in the low 90's here and not a flake in sight - well, maybe - LOL!

Mj in Md said...

SNOW!! One reason I love DH. ;-D
A whole 2.5 miles and one red light...or is it just a stop sign? Oh how I envy that...I've 26 one way door to door down I95 to Baltimore City. :-P
Nice truck..wouldn't mind one myself, just can't justify it.


Mystic said...

Holy Cow! Sneaux!?!?
It is still in the upper 80's and lower 90's here!
I LOVE that truck; such character! Drive it in good health, and tell Chico to enjoy the ride!