Friday, August 7, 2009

A Few More Pictures from the Goose

There are a few more pictures I took when we were circling the town that I thought might be interesting to my local friends.  Here you can see Strawberry Hill.

This shows a view of the work at the new small boat harbor.

Here is Strawberry Hill in the foreground and Bunker Hill in the background with Unisea in between.

A nice shot of the Safeway grocery store and the hotel.

A look up Summers Bay.

Little Priest Rock - I thought it was interesting there are WW II fortifications visible at the top of the frame - now I want to hike up there and check them out!

Another view of Little Priest Rock and Summers Bay.

It is humbling to contemplate what a tiny portion of the island is easily accessible - and exciting to dream up new ways to explore!  Some of us scheme of finding the perfect undiscovered berry batch, while some of us dream bigger and plan to trek the length of the island, each to their desires and abilities.  What a wonderful place we live!


Gigi said...

More beautiful sights, Steve! What a great experience. I am in awe of this place.

Lauri said...

I am in awe of this place, too....haven't explored even 1/2 of it! I need to get out there and discover new places...Ballyhoo is getting old :) Just so easy to take the dogs up there....

cookie dough said...

Wow!! Such gorgeous pictures, I had no idea it's that pretty here!! Thanks for sharing...'cause you'll never catch me up in a goose!

Mj in Md said...

LOL! Steve and Laurie, just read through your 'conversation' on the last post..
Believe me I don't need a single DC person to be there in order for to want to come up. All you bloggers have done a fantastic job selling the island. Starting with STEVE, as his was the first blog I followed...
Just need to gather a few know..$$ and most especially LEAVE from work...1 week or 2??? :-D
Keep up the GREAT work...all y'all!

cookie dough said...

hmmm it's a long way to come for just a week. Can be 2 days each way just for traveling....$$?? Are you going to stay at the hotel?? do you need to rent a car? Those are the 2 most expensive things, and resturants aren't cheap either...that plane ride that Stever & gang gorgeous, but I bet expensive? I'd never do it, I'm not a fan of small planes...Ill just enjoy Steve's pics!

Mystic said...

What lovely pictures. I know the small boat harbor will accomodate small boats, but what constitutes a small boat?

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Lovely pictures Steve! Unalaska looks so green and lush from the air! Thanks for sharing pics with us!