Monday, July 27, 2009

View From the Living Room

You all know the tugboat James Dunlap makes my little heart go pitter-patter whenever it goes by the window to the East Channel, rattling the glass the whole time.  Well, yesterday there were two Dunlap boats pushing a barge around when I went home for lunch, the James Dunlap and the Mike O'Leary.  Despite appearances, the mighty "Jimmy D" is actually a more powerful and capable tug with 300 more horsepower and Z drives that allow it to apply full thrust in any direction.  You can view the whole Dunlap Towing fleet here if you are as crazy about tugs as I am!  The salmon boats riding on top of the containers are roughly 40 feet long for a size comparison.


Mj in Md said...

Hi, Steve
Love these shots. I do enjoy stopping and watching a tugboat at work. I think it dates back to a childhood storybook...but when I'm around one, I must watch it for a bit.
I wanted to ask a couple questions if I could...keep mind I'm born, raised and still living in suburban Md...malls and convenience stores everwhere you turn..that being said...
what kinds of things would be in those containers?? I'm assuming they're bringing supplies to the island?? The salmon boats..broken down? Logical "tow" but still an amusing site. lastly the tires on the rack...would that be just a resident who needed new tires?
Still trying to get with the whole concept of anything one needs NOT being right around the corner...
Thanks in advance! and keep up the great work...I Love your site!
Mj in Md

cookie dough said...

Mj, did you happen to see the 9 bags (err totes) I brought home after my vacation? We just plan ahead and other than that we know where to order things! Next year my husband's boat is going to shipyard...we have a list already: A new bed, a new vehicle for me, chairs and bar stools (ours take a beating!) No fast food restaurants is a good thing! Who needs them? One kid had chicken nuggets 1x in 5 weeks and was not impressed...real food is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I never tire of your view. :)

Also? Thank you. You're a hell of a guy.

Mj in Md said...

Thanks, CD,
My brother and I were talking about how much we can take for granted down here in Suburbia...need something? it's at one of 5 stores around the corner.
Up there virtually everything is online or shipped....or hope you know someone who can bring it up from Seattle. When one stops and thinks about's quite a change in your way of living. Oh, and yes, saw your blog about the totes... I'd be in trouble! :-D
Thank you both!

la isla d'lisa said...

Love tugs, LOVE tugs, love 'em ,love 'em, love 'em! Made sure I took a snap of one when I was back home on vacation, seeing as there aren't (m)any here in MO.