Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great to be Outside Again

I took Chico, Goldfish and family friend Jedi Knight for a hike in the valley last night and it was good for the soul to be back in the hills, breaking a sweat.  I have to say the last 5 weeks of relative inactivity didn't do my cardio any good, but what I lacked in fitness I made up for in attitude and the old bones didn't feel too bad this morning, all things considered.

The wildflowers are popping up everywhere and it's interesting to note how a given species such as lupine will vary from extravagantly lush and showy enormous clusters at sea level to miniature groups of just a few plants at 1000 feet, made all the more precious by their scarcity.

On the way home there was two eagles and a fox fighting over some fish scraps and we were amazed by pluck demonstrated by the tiny fox - at one point he bit one of the eagles on the rump!  The herring spotter planes have been flying the last few days signaling the beginning of one of my favorite times out here; following the abundant food source will be whales and porpoises and the sea lions and eagles will feast on nature's perfect fast food.  A herring's gorgeous silvery color is created by guanine crystals embedded in their laterals, with a bluish green dorsal area.  I challenge anyone to hold a herring in your hand in the sunlight and not be completely mesmerized by the perfect design and appearance, they are truly a wonder.

I've got to turn in, Goldfish and I were just starting to doze off at 2 AM last night when the cold water supply line to the bathroom faucet inexplicably burst.  If Goldfish had not heard it and gotten me out of bed to fix it, we would have woken up to quite a mess this morning!  As it was, we only got a few hours sleep and I'm starting to nod off mid-sentence - I hope this post makes sense!  Cheers . . . . 


TwoYaks said...

I'm glad you're out and about again! It can be rough getting out again, after medically forced inactivity - Been there, done that!

I love seeing Chico, especially with all your green on the island! Gorgeous dog... that first picture with Chico in it? Absolutely phenomenal.

Rest well!

Bren said...

This goes to prove that you can make eloquent speech even in your sleep. love ya

cookie dough said...

Great post, as always! LOVE this pic of chico!
Hope you can get out and enjoy today too. It's gorgeous far!

Mystic said...

That first pic of Chico should be framed! Amazing pictures...simply amazing! I look forward to the upcoming whale photos. As I am stuck here for the summer taking classes, I must live vicariously through others, and I must say, coming here is an amazing mini trip!
Thank you !

mainebro said...

Soooo? How do you fix a burst pipe with an immobilizing sling on one arm- the primary arm at that? Took about Yankee ingenuity.
Love from Maine

Cindy said...

Great pictures for a one-armed man!
So glad to see you home safely and back in the swing again, slowly but surely.
How can you not love life in Unalaska?...I do, all the way from Little Rhody!
Be well my friend.

Bren said...

Big bro has a good question. Anxious to hear the answer. love ya

Lauri said...

I agree with twoyaks (what a funny name btw)....that first pic with Chico, scrumptious!

Glad you are out ejnoying what little bit of summer we are having...the weather seems to change minute by minute....but that's what we love about living here, right?

Alaska Steve said...

Thanks everyone . . . . Bro, you haven't seen how small the bathroom is to truly picture the pretzel move required (my legs were in the shower, for starters). Let's just say I was doing range-of-motion exercises I learned from my big bro!

Cindy, great to hear from you!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Wow! I LOVE the photo of Chico on the point of land!!

STELLAR photograph!!